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Leon International Inc.(''The Company'') makes its best effort to properly handle and protect corporate and individual information that could identify The Company's clients ('Client 'Information''), following the policy below.

1. Receiving Client Information.
The Company receives Client Information by appropriate means, not by fraud and other wrongful means.

2. Usage of Client Information
Usage of Client Information will be limited within the following purposes. If the Client Information needs to be used outside of these purposes, The Company will ask for the client's permission in advance.

  • (1) Providing information about The Company, products and services for the porpose of The Company's sales and marketing
  • (2) Improving The Company, its products and services
  • (3) Answering to inquirements, and sending information and materials regarding them

3. Safety Control of Client Information
The Company takes necessary and appropriate means to avoid leakage, loss or damage of Client Information and to safely protect Client Information.

4. Sharing Client Information to Third-Party
The Company shall not share Client Information with third-parties without obtaining the client's permission, except for the cases below.

  • (1) When required by laws
  • (2) When sharing Client Information with affiliate companies, organizations or individuals is, while kept to requisite minimum, necessary to execute The Company's business operation.

5. Change of the Terms
The terms hereby may be changed.
The changes are assumed to become valid when they become public on The Company's website, except for the case where The Company specifies otherwise.

6. If you wish to request for disclosure or inquire about The Company's treatment of Client Information, please contact us at the following address or number.

Company Name: Leon International Inc.
Email: Tel: 03-5774-4856