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At Leon International we handle private information concerning client companies and individuals on terms according to our policy of privacy. We guarantee that the information (below mentioned as "client information") we acquire are treated on the following terms.

1. Receiving client information.
We assume that the information we receive from our clients is true and without hidden intentions.

2. Handling client information.
Client information will be limited for use within the following spheres. If the information is needed outside these spheres, we will require the permission of the client before proceeding.

  • (1) Business guidance concerning our company, services and products.
  • (2) Improving our products and services.
  • (3) To provide answers and references to consultation and commissions.

3. Regarding safety management of corporation and client information, we are taking necessary and appropriate means in order to prevent any leaks, loss or damage to corporation or personal information.

4. Regarding provision of client information to a third part, we never share any information without the permission of the company/person in question except under the following circumstances.

  • (1) At juridical circumstances.
  • (2) When we are obligated to share information with our associated companies, organization or individuals, for the sake of carrying out our business.

5. There might occur changes in our policy. Regarding these changes, unless otherwise determined, the new policy will become valid after publication on this website.

6. If you have any questions or comments concerning our policy, you are welcome to contact us by phone or by e-mail.

Contact information.
Company name: Leon International Inc/
Tel: 03-5774-4856